Shopee 9.9 Contest 2020: Shopping New Normal

Share your ideas about how to attract people who have never done online shopping before
to change their behaviors to shop online at Shopee 9.9 campaign
with the online security in the NEW NORMAL period
*You have to pick only 1 of these 4 target groups only*

A: Elderly People Age 45 y/o+

B: Moms who has kid
younger than 6 y/o

C: Working Men

D: Upcountry People
Younger than 24 y/o

Let’s Apply to Win the National Grand Prizes Worth 70,000 THB!

Within September 15th, 2020

September 15th, 2020
23:59 PM

What we are looking for?

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1. 80% will be evaluated by the project’s quality based on the following criteria;

  • Feasibility 30 points
  • Encouragement of Online Security 20 points
  • Creativity 20 points
  • Artwork 5 points
  • Objectives Related 5 points

2. 20% from social engagement such as link clicks (number of clicks from contestant’s post to Shopee 9.9 campaign page), shares, etc

*Social Engagement will be measured from the date participant published their works on Facebook until September 30th*

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The good project should be

– Suggestion to increase new customers from provided target groups (only 1 of 4)

– Derived from insights of each target group by conducting researches

– The way to ensure online shopping security for the target groups

– Presented in the form of a graphic or online poster and make it understandable. It could be various kinds of strategies e.g. campaigns, games or new features

– Aligned with the customer behaviors in the NEW NORMAL period after COVID-19 pandemic and also be practical in terms of business

Easy Steps to Join Shopee 9.9 Contest 2020

step 1

Fill in the complete information. Contestants can join individually or as a team (maximum of three)

step 2

Create Awesome Project
Express your ideas through online poster that illustrates your ideas and also be related to Shopee’s objective

step 3

Share on Your Facebook!
Post your project on Facebook publicly. Don’t forget to include #ShopeeNewNormal, #TeamUniversityName (e.g. #TeamTU) and attach link https://shopee.co.th/m/99 in the post

step 4

Fill in the provided form which includes a link of the post that you shared on Facebook and can provide more details about your project.

step 5

Wait for an Announcement
The shortlists will be announced on October 5th, 2020 (2.00 p.m.)


Every team that gets the prize will receive certification from Shopee
and there would be an interview session in forms of articles and videos on Shopee Blog

The winner Shopee 9.9 Contest
The Winner

35,000 Baht

1st runner up
First Runner-Up

18,000 Baht

2nd runner up
Second Runner-Up

9,000 Baht

5 Honorable Mentions

3,000 Baht

Early Bird Prizes

500THB Shopee Vouchers for the first 5 teams submitting the ideas and also following all the rules

Encouragement Prizes

Shopee Voucher 500 THB


1 August 2020

Application form is open

3 August 2020

Submission form is open

15 September 2020

The deadline for submission of the project is on 15 September 2020 at 11.59 PM

5 October 2020

Shortlists announcement on Shopee Blog without sorting points and the winner  will be announced in the winner ceremony

End of October

Winner ceremony (The exact date will be announced within September)

Hall of Fame

Awesome projects of Shopee 9.9 Contest 2019

Winner 2019

The Winner
Team Marathon On Fire
Chulalongkorn University

1st Runner Up 2019

 First Runner-Up
Team 59neverdie
Thammasat University

2nd Runner Up 2019

Second Runner-Up
Team 9 แรกไม่เป็นไร 9 ต่อไปทาเคชิ
Thammasat University

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should you join Shopee 9.9 Contest?

1. Shopee 9.9 Contest is the biggest contest for university students of Shopee Thailand
2. You will improve yourself in several skills such as analytical skills, creativity, initiative, and teamworking
3. National grand prizes worth 70,000 THB and opportunity to join Shopee Thailand’s internship program

Can I apply if I don’t have the team of 3?

Yes, you can apply as individual, the team of 2 and the team of 3

Can my team consist of students from different universities?

The team can consist of students from the same university only

Can foreign students join the contest?

Yes, if you are studying in a university located in Thailand, please feel free to join

If my status is soon to be graduated, Can I join?

If within October 5th, 2020 the status is still ‘Currently Studying’ according to the office of the registrar. You can join the contest

I have been studying in bachelor’s degree or vocational program, but my age is over 25, Can I join?

The contest is reserved for students in bachelor’s degree or vocational program aged 18-25 only

I’m not studying in the program related to marketing, Can I join?

Can, with the interest in marketing or E-Commerce, students in any field can join the contest.

What can I do if I forget my team’s name, want to change team’s name, or fill in the wrong information?

You can contact som.kongchanda@shopee.com with the subject : [Shopee 9.9 Contest 2020] – Request for update information (as you would like to update), in an email, should consist of name-surname of one of the team members to help Shopee identify your team.

Submission and Judging

How many projects that each team can submit?

Each team can only submit 1 project. When you share the project, please share on Facebook of only one member and please kindly attach that link in the submission form

How to share the project on Facebook?

Please include #ShopeeNewNormal, #TeamUniversityName (e.g. #TeamTU) and attach link https://shopee.co.th/m/99 in the post. You can also add some details in the post to make your project more understandable. Here is an example.

ตัวอย่าง Post บน Facebook - Shopee 9.9 Contest 2020

Do I need to attach the research or report with my project?

No! The project you submit is going to be only one poster that was shared on Facebook (please also attach that link in the submission form). Contestants should illustrate the ideas through one picture and make it understandable and also impressive. Please be aware that judges are able to evaluate the logical thinking, research conducted, or anything behind the poster.

Who will be the judges who evaluate your project?

The professors from various fields across Thailand, Honorable experts from ETDA (Electronic Transactions Development Agency), together with Shopee’s online marketing team are going to be the judges who evaluate your project. Please note that during the evaluation, contestants’ names and university names would not be shown to all the judges.

Terms and conditions

  1. Participants must have student status in Diploma/High Vocational school or bachelor’s degree and age between 18-25 years old.
  2. Shopee Thailand (sponsor) reserves the ultimate right at all decisions of the contest process 
  3. The submission must not contain content or material that violates moralities, any right of other parties, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or any other intellectual property rights
  4. The sponsor will not take responsibility for any loss or damage arising from participants
  5. If the submission is suspected of violating the competition’s rules, it will not be evaluated and the sponsor reserves the right to reclaim or disqualify the prize. The contestant will have to return all received prize within 1 month since the announcement date if the participants breach the terms even though the prize is already given.
  6. The submission must not have been published in public, made for commercial use and involved in any competition
  7. By participating in the Contest, participants authorize the sponsors to use names and images, including any videos or pictures, for the purposes of promotion and advertising 
  8. A participant will achieve only one prize as an individual or a team
  9. Sponsors reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest without advance notice
  10. By participating in the Contest, participants consent for the use of the contents to the sponsors for the purpose of promotion without any fees
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For more informations

Email: som.kongchanda@shopee.com Please include [Shopee 9.9 Contest 2020] in email title
Phone:  09-7047-0654
Available time: Mon – Fri 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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